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Richard Gancarz’s Record
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The record below is incomplete and we apologize.  Your support is going to enable us to research and analyze these judicial decisions.

Killer of 17 year old Eric Wooley. Got away with murder. 14 years really is approximately 12 years! With this record it's an outrage!

Stop and ask yourself, "Why was Richard Gancarz driving legally?"
Ask his father ($) criminal defense lawyers ($) and their colleagues on the bench ($)

Year Violation Judicial Decision/License Status
1981 DUI and reckless driving License Suspended
1982 Driving on a suspended license -
1982 Obtained a chauffeur-type license in Indiana and then failed to pay a Pennsylvania speeding fine in 1992 (pulled over while driving on the chauffeur-type license. Chauffeur-type license suspended September of 92' until March of 92'
1983 Driving on a suspended license in Addison, cited by Virginia police for speeding on his Indiana license. -
1985 Cited THREE times by Wisconsin police for speeding on his Indiana license --
1985 A hit and run, and driving too fast for conditions. A year of court supervision.
1986 Cited for a traffic violation in Mississippi, and failed to pay a speeding fine from Ohio. Indiana license suspended from October 87' to April of 88'
1990 Driving on a suspended Illinois license and charged with obstructing justice after giving his brother's ID as his own. One year of conditional discharge and fined.
1990 Driving on a suspended license Fined
1990 Unregistered license plate on his truck Indiana license suspended for 22 months
1991 Driving on suspended license Fined
1992 Obtained a new license at the McCook facility.  Although he was not listed as any of the scandal csd truckers. None, it was not a crime
1994 DUI and transporting Open Alcohol. Two years of court supervision, DUI classes, and 30 hours community service.
1994 Another DUI while the previous case was pending, but he skipped court dates for almost TWO YEARS, and then finally showed up in 96', but was let off when the arresting officer (who now had another job) did not show up. None, he was LET OFF!
1994 Both 94' cases were still pending when he was pulled over and convicted of driving on a suspended license. 4 days jail time, with 1 day credit for time served.
1998 Two traffic violations thrown out, including driving the wrong way down a one way street. None.
2000 Drove off an expressway ramp into the Edens Expressway, and into a light pole.  He declined to take a breathalyzer and was charged with a DUI and failure to slow down to avoid an accident.  He missed a court date on Feb. 2 In March, his license was suspended for 3 years.
2000 Before the suspension was in effect he was stopped for speeding over 20 m.p.h. over the limit. Fined $95
2000 Driving on a suspended license, and possession of marijuana.  -
Aric Wooley, a 17-year-old boy in Wood Dale.  This was a needlessly wasted life!


Charged with RECKLESS HOMICIDE and aggravated DUI.  We call it first degree murder. 

This was preventable by the judges, he should have been charged with first degree murder. Likewise for the court system.  How can we accept our threatening pro criminal defense lawyer system?

Is'nt it time to hold the mother and father accountable for Aric's death as a product of his family enviroment, alleging an alcoholic father and whos money talked loud and clear.

We cannot allow these people on the Road!
Before you're csd...