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Thousands of Multiple Drunk Driving Offenders
are back on the street and driving?
Inc. Driving while License Suspended(DWLS), DWLR (Revoked)
Ready to kill and maim you and your family!


Every 28 Min a DRUNK DRIVER Claims Another Life!
Imagine, 18-25,000 people in one year, also, didn't think this could happen to them.


Your Decision Makers

More lethal than a speeding bullet!
Decisions that can kill an entire family as quickly and effectively as a bullet that finds it's mark.


Join us: It's time for DUI Justice and to return the courts back to the people by our independent assessment groups!!

Priority wake up call.


Everything you need to know about your criminal justice system and repeat offenders to protect your family!

Read all about why thousands of repeat offenders are getting away with murder legallly by plea bargaining and the power of the criminal defence lawyers. Click latest repeat offender and with valid license with record and many past DUIs. I allege that the judges are responsible for this tragedy and the state's attorney, who's supposed to protect you from habitual offenders. Oath of prosecutor... to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. (All violated.) This has been going on for years without our knowledge victimizing us

Every case is the people versus the criminal (for the punishment to fit the crime and deter another offense.)

You lives are at stake. Click statistics in Citizen's Outcry before you let your children drive

This is a site for your wake up calls from what I experienced by a repeat offender

See the latest unprevented tragedy. Ask yourself why did he have a valid license? Who was reponsible? Answer: your prosecutor, your state's attorney, and your judges. Now comes the plea bargaining by your high priced criminal defence lawyers. This is abuse of power going on for years unbeknownst to us. I paid the price. We are all at high risk everyday by this occuring in your courtrooms by our trusted guardians.

I am encouraging every family, kids, grandparents, for a call to action to implement court watching groups on multiple offenders. Call me at 630-420-7160 and I will train anyone who's outraged and interested. Join our Citizen's Justice Center in Laura and Dina's name.

Our future is in our hands- we are either the problem or the solution. Follow my blog for how we can empower and educate ourselves for the truth in Government and the truth behind the scenes.

Reminder: Click latest repeat offender and wake up. Follow my blog for future cases on re-offenders, breaking news, and education.

Thank you for visiting my site. I'm doing all I can for my tragedy to make a difference and to expose the alcohol industry's crimes on America! I need your help and pledge to launch my campaign U.S.S.A. (UNITED FOR A SAFER AND SOBER AMERICA) to save lives. Click pledge form on my blog.

Sincerely yours,

Leah Johnson

Advocate for citizens civil rights and criminal justice reform.

Please e-mail us your opinions of our website:
Would you like us to continue research on multiple offender drunk drivers and be part of our petitions? We need your support. Contact
"Our Mission is education, research, government reform, and accountability."

Tell us what you think. E-mail info@citizensoutcry.org or call 630-415-3434